World Chess Open, July 2010

                                                 Date:  7/5/2010               Game #: 8 	
White: Allen Gifford               Rating: 890 
Black: Me                          Rating: 1039 

On move 21, White resigns, as the Chessmaster recommends White's next move would be bxc4 followed by the following scenario:

Analysis: Your knight captures pawn at e4, which attacks White's queen and creates passed pawns on e6 and e5. White responds by moving the queen to a3, which moves it to safety and forks your pawn at a7 and your rook at d4. You move your knight to d2, which checks White's king. White counters by moving the king to g1, which moves it out of check. Your knight takes pawn at c4, which attacks White's queen. White answers with queen to b4, which moves it to safety. You move your rook to d2, which moves it out of immediate jeopardy and attacks White's pawn at c2. White counters by moving the bishop to c3, which attacks your rook at d2. Your rook takes pawn at c2. White replies by moving rook at a1 to c1, which attacks your rook at c2.

As a result of this sequence of moves, you win three pawns. Additionally, your attack potential is greatly enhanced. Also, the development of your pawns is somewhat improved. Lastly, the pressure on White's King is somewhat increased.