Game World

This is a Visual Basic program I developed while studying computer programming at Brick Computer Science Institute. I wanted to develop a gaming program using the graphic capabilities of Visual Basic.

It is a two-game program designed on the principles of a traditional board game. The two games are: 'Lucky Seven' and 'Stepping Stones'. You 'spin' by clicking the spin button to generate a random amount. The amount is generated randomly by the 'random' function.

In 'Lucky Seven' you click the spin button and cause three random numbers to be displayed in the three large yellow squares. If the number seven (7) is displayed in any of the squares, you win and the 'Big Foot Man' appears. The number of attempts, wins, and percentage are also displayed.

In 'Stepping Shones' you must move your marker around the board along the path of 'stones', or colored squares connected by a red line, from the word, START, to the word, FINISH. The player who reaches the finish first by exact count is the winner.


This is also a Visual Basic program I developed as an electronic Christmas card when I worked as a second shift computer operator at VNU Business Media in Lakewood, NJ.

It is a series of eleven geometric patterns enclosed in a four-inch circle. The geometric shape patterns are generated randomly using the 'random' function. The various patterns are also colored using the 'random' function to randomly generate the colors for the patterns.

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