On the next page are images and designs that show the enhancement capabilities as well as the artistic capability that can be produced with web design tools.

There is also a page link to a testimonial page for the web sites that I created.

To view these designs or the testimonial page click the icon to the left or click the link below. Then click the icon or link on the next page of the design or page that you want to see.

The Graphic Design Page

Listed below are samples of my resumes. Click on the link of the resume that you would like to view.

Chronological Resume

Web Design Specialist Resume

Information Specialist Resume

Visual Basic Resume

This shows an example of a wedding website. Click the icon to the left or the link below to see the pages of such a wedding website.

Jenn and Mike Wedding Website

This is an example of a birthday and anniversary combination website.

Kathy and Tony DiMario had a special day to celebrate three events in their lives. It was Kathy and Tony's 65th and 75th birthdays respectively as well as their 35th wedding anniversary.

They wanted a family website to honor this special day with family pictures of this event. Included in the website was a message board so friends could post wishes for their special day.

Dovgala-DiMario Family Website

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