Liberty Bell Chess Open, January 2011

                                                  Date:  1/15/2011               Game #: 2 
White: Me                           Rating: 958 
Black: Javier Kuehnle               Rating: 958 

On move 51, Black resigns, as the Chessmaster recommends Black's next move would be K-c4 followed by the following scenario:

Analysis: Your rook captures rook at e5, which forks Black's bishop and Black's pawn at a5. Black answers with bishop to f6, which moves it to safety and threatens your rook. You move your king to e4. Black answers with king captures knight at c3. Your rook takes pawn at a5, which creates a passed pawn on a2. Black replies by moving bishop to e7. You move your rook to a7, which pins Black's pawn and threatens Black's pawn. Black replies by moving bishop to d6, which frees Black's pawn from the pin and removes the threat on Black's pawn. You move your king to d5. Black replies by moving the king to d3. You move your rook to a4.

As a result of this sequence of moves, you win a rook and a pawn for a knight. Additionally, Black's mobility is lessened. Also, the pressure on Black's King is slightly increased, and the pressure on your King is somewhat decreased.