The PhotoShop Pictures are a series of pictures that I enhanced with Adobe Photoshop. They are pictures for my father's book, 'The Knot Will Hold for the 320th' , of his World War II experiences. The pictures can be viewed by clicking the icon to the left or the links below.

PhotoShop Pictures Page 1

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These family image pages show how ordinary family pictures can be displayed on the web as a collage.

Easter 2014, that is April 20, 2014, was a very special day for the Tuzeneu family clan. It not only commemorates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, it also was a two-fold celebration for us.

It was the 70th birthday celebration of our special cousin, Sonnie Mills.

And that year also marked the 6th wedding anniversary of our wonderful cousins, Guy and Karen Barbargellata.

First Page of Family Pictures

The three pages below show the pamphlet that I created to accompany the book, 'The Knot Will Hold', with contact information.

Click he icon to the left to show the inside of the pamphlet OR the links below to go to the respective pages.

Inside Page of the Pamphlet

Outside Page of the Pamphlet

The Folded Pamphlet

The next page displays testimonials from clients that I created a family website for.

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